Top Things to Look for in an Office Cleaning Company

So you want to hire an office cleaning company, but don’t want to pay the prices of the big cleaning companies who specialize in everything. If that’s the case, a smaller family owned type Top Things to Look for in an Office Cleaning Companycleaning company may be more your stride. Not as expensive, but still including an attention to detail and pride in having a job well done. Definitely what you want from any cleaning company. So what services should you expect from an office cleaning company, big or small?

No matter who you hire, all office cleaning companies should provide certain basic services. They should clean all areas of the office. Regular services include cleaning glass windows and doors; light switches; telephones; door handles, dusting shelves and desks, and removing trash. A daily vacuuming should be part of the service provided, whether floors or carpeting. These services should be completed daily or at least two to three days per week.

If carpeting is stained, a thorough steam carpet cleaning should also be a service offered. Depending on what services a small company is willing to offer, you could even have regular cleaning of break rooms and bathrooms. This would mean routine cleaning of sinks, toilets and countertops. These could be extra services that are done once a week or a few times a month.

A good office cleaning company will be more thorough in their care of your work space. If you are worried about working in an environment that is clean, and want to make a great impression on your clientele, keep a clean office and workspace. The smaller cleaning companies may not specialize in every type of cleaning, or cleaning problem, but your office may not have difficult cleaning issues. You may not need a big specialized company to do your cleaning. That family owned cleaning service may just give your space the best attention.

Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Office cleaning is one of those chores that many people like to avoid but it really needs to be done on a regular basis. A messy office contributes to more wasted time than anything else. How often have you had to stop and search through an unorganized desk or un-filed papers to find something? Office cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some tips and tricks to get and keep your office clean and tidy.

Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks Cleaning your office starts with decluttering it. First, toss any trash: take mugs and dishes to the kitchen, throw out old cups and food wrappers. Then start with all the scraps of paper littered around the desk. Be sure to keep any important information, and then toss the notes. Put the important information into a computer file or onto a master list. Break down boxes that held office supplies or paper and put them out with the recycling, or find a place for them if you reuse them to ship things to customers. Next in the office cleaning task is filing.

Overflowing filing bins are stressful and make it hard to be sure your files are complete. So file away all the papers you have been putting off. Your computers, phones, printers and all the electronic stuff you need all have cords that get in the way. Try going wireless. Go wireless for keyboards, mice and printers. They are relatively inexpensive and very convenient. Being able to just pick them up and place them out of the way to free up workspace is a great de-clutterer. All other cords should be untangled, twist tied together and stowed out of the way. The biggest reason to go wireless and keep all others out of sight is safety. Who wants to trip and fall or worse pull a computer off a desk and destroy it? Upside is it also looks neater!

Now that things are clean and tidy, keep it that way. Set aside a regular time in your calendar to do filing and decluttering to keep on top of it. Find systems to stay organized. Use baskets, drawers and caddies and also use vertical space too. Use a dry erase board to dispense with all the scraps of paper. Getting and staying organized is easier than it sounds!

Having the mess under control helps when your office cleaning company comes in to clean and vacuum because there won’t be cords etc. In the way of the vacuum and piles of papers in the way of the person who is dusting.