How to Get Streak Free Windows When Cleaning

One thing that people want to see when their home or office is clean is a crystal clear window, no streaks. So how can you get them, whether you use a commercial cleaning company or not? Here’s how.

How to Get Streak Free Windows When CleaningMake a solution of 2 gallons of water to one teaspoon of dish washing liquid. If you will be washing windows outdoors and it is below freezing, add in one tablespoon of windshield washing solution. Thoroughly mix the solution. Lambs wool is the best to use, so use a lambs wool applicator and wet it with the solution, it shouldn’t be drippy, just wet. Scrub the entire window using horizontal and vertical strokes. This will remove loose dirt, dust and grime from the glass. If the window has grease or oil on it, pretreat it with a solution of 1 gallon of water to ½ cup of ammonia. A nylon scrubbing pad will remove stubborn dirt or stickiness. Then rewash with the cleaning solution to remove the loosened debris.

Since cotton cloths and paper towels tend to leave remnants behind, use a rubber or silicone squeegee. Take the squeegee and starting at a top corner sweep the squeegee across the window in a single, horizontal stroke. If you hold the squeegee at an angle, the water being removed from the glass will run down the window and away from where you just cleared. Go back to the side you started on, overlap a bit over the previous stroke and repeat. Between each stroke, wipe the squeegee blade with a cloth, microfiber is best. Wipe the corners and bottom of the window with the microfiber cloth to catch any missed solution.

One huge tip: don’t wash windows in direct sunlight. The heat from the sun causes the majority of streaking problems.

Follow these simple instructions and your windows will sparkle and shine! Most business owners don’t have time to do the windows of their offices so be sure to use a reputable office cleaning company to get those streak free clean windows!